Healing Arts Program

Facilitating healing through the arts

artist Nili Helman-Caspi

Artist Nili Helman-Caspi

Hospital stays can be stressful for patients and their families. The doctors and nurses at El Camino Hospital recognize that in order to provide the very best care they must address patients’ emotional and physical well-being. The Healing Arts Program at El Camino Hospital Mountain View and Los Gatos uses art and music to create a soothing, compassionate environment that facilitates healing. Below you’ll find anecdotes from patients, artist Nili Helman-Caspi, and musicians at El Camino Hospital.

Pictured at right: The patient was in the hospital for several months and felt too weak to participate in an art session. One day, when she was doing better, she asked if we could do that art session. Using a coloring sheet and a purple marker, her favorite color, she sat quietly and worked on her project for awhile in a very methodical manner. When it was complete she said, “I am surprised by my own ability to create something so well accomplished.”

~ Nili Helman-Caspi.

The nurse manager from the NICU said, “we REALLY appreciate you being here today!” I played lullabies and a calming repertoire in an effort to soothe a crying infant. The crying gently subsided within minutes of playing my instrument and the baby fell fast asleep. The nurse holding the baby then said to me softly, “thank you.” And another nurse said, “that is amazing–the power of music…we need you here every day!       ~Jeff Buenz, Musician

I was asked to play for a patient in ICU. She had a favorite Bach piece and it was suggested that I play it. She was sleeping and even so, the nurse said to begin. So, gently, I began to play and within seconds into the song the patient opened her eyes and replied, “I LOVE YOU!”

~ Dona Reyes, Musician

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