Publications for patients & familes

Please ask any Spiritual Care volunteer to bring you your copy of these resources which are available in the Los Gatos Spiritual Care office as of   June 25, 2013. .


Key words

1.     A Booklet of Prayers When You are facing Surgery Surgery
2.     A Jewish Response to Dementia Jewish
3.     Advanced Medical Directives – What You Need To Know Advanced Medical Directives
4.     Aphasia: A How To Guide Aphasia
5.     Christian Bible: King James Translation King James translation
6.     Christian Bible: Large Type New International version Large Type
7.     Christian Bible: New International Version New International Version
8.     Christian Bible: New Revised Standard Version (New Testament) New Revised Standard Version
9.     Christian Bible: New Testament & Psalms New Testament & Psalms, Gideon
10.   Christian Bible: New Testament & Psalms New Testament & Psalms, Gideon
11.   Christian Bible: SPANISH  Nuevo testament Spanish, New Testament, Gideon
12.   Christian Bible: SPANISH La Biblia Spanish, Christian Bible
13.   Christian Bible: SPANISH New Testament & Psalms Spanish, New Testament & Psalms
14.   Christian Bible: SPANISH Santa Biblia Spanish, Bible
15.   Christmas: A Time To Remember Those We’ve Loved And Lost Grief, Christmas
16.   End of Life Concerns: A Guide For Families Advanced Medical Directives, End of Life
17.   Facing Chronic Illness With faith & Hope Chronic Illness, Advanced Medical Directives
18.   Feeling Depressed at Christmas Depression, Christmas
19.   Finding Spiritual Strength in Pain or illness Jewish, serious illness
20.   Finding the Courage to Face Serious Illness Serious Illness
21.   From Death through Shiva Jewish, death, grief
22.   Gates of Healing Jewish, prayers
23.   Getting Through the Holidays When You Have Lost A loved One Grief, Christmas
24.   Grieving at Christmas: A Family Guide Grief, Christmas
25.   Hard Choices For Loving people: CPR, Artificial Feeding,
Comfort Care and the patient with a Life-Threatening Illness
Serious illness, End of Life, Advanced Directive
26.   Healing Your Body, Mind & Spirit Together Illness
27.   Helping Teens Understand the Risks of HIV and AIDS AIDS, HIV, Teens
28.   Jewish Hospice Jewish, hospice
29.   Keeping Up Your Spirits While in the Hospital Depression
30.   Living with Cancer – A Day At A Time Serious illness, Cancer
31.   Living With cancer One Day At A time Jewish, Cancer
32.   Losing a Loved One Near the Holidays Grief, Holiday, Christmas
33.   Losing Someone Close Grief
34.   Muslim Supplications Muslim
35.   Our Daily Bread Christian, Bible
36.   Pathways Thru Your Christmas Grief Grief, Christmas
37.   Prayers & Teachings in the Buddhist Tradition Buddhist, Prayers
38.   Prayers & Teachings in the Christian Tradition Christian, Prayers
39.   Prayers & Teachings in the Hindu Tradition Hindu, Prayers
40.   Prayers of Comfort for Times of Illness Prayer
41.   Praying In Hard Times Jewish Resource
42.   Prayers & Teachings in the Muslim Tradition Muslim, Prayers
43.   Six Tips For Coping With Grief at Christmas Grief, Christmas
44.   Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures Jewish, Tanakh
45.   Ten Ways to Honor a Deceased Loved One at Christmas Grief, Christmas
46.   The Jewish Study Bible Jewish, Tanakh, reference
47.   Torah reflections Torah, Jewish
48.   Turing to the chaplain For Care And Support Chaplain, Spiritual Care
49.   What Everyone Should Know About Hospice Hospice
50.   What Everyone Should know About the First Year of Grief
51.   When someone you love is dying: Preparing for death,
coping with grief
Death, End of life, grief
52.   When Someone You Love Needs Long Term Care Jewish
53.   When Your Prayers Go Unanswered Grief, Illness
54.   Your First Christmas After A Loved One Dies Grief, Christmas

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