Mountain View Spiritual Care

Mountain View’s Spritiual Care Volunteers with Chaplain Emeritus Maryellen Garnier.

Men and women from a variety of faith communities support patients and their families during times of crisis and transition, providing encouragement, comfort, and hope. Their caring and supportive presence provides spiritual, religious and practical resources. We also have a variety of sacred texts available upon request from our spiritual care library. Below you’ll find some services and resources available to you during your stay at our Mounatin View hospital.

Confidential Living History Program (x7568)

With your permission, a volunteer will listen to your life story. A completed story will be presented to you as a gift.


The labyrinth, located in the main lobby, is a symbolic journey representing the “path of life.” The labyrinth is not a religious symbol, but rather a spiritual tool, in the form of a walking meditation. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has only one path, which leads you to the center and out again.

Meditation Garden

Located outside between the main hospital and Willow Pavilion.


Meditation Room

Located on the first floor of the main hospital.

Therapy Dogs   (x7568)

Volunteers and their therapy dogs will visit patients and visitors upon request  to provide emotional support and comfort.

Music (x5836)

Professional musicians play the piano, harp and guitar in the hallways and at patients’ bedsides per request five days a week.

artist Nili Helman-Caspi

Artist Nili Helman-Caspi

Inpatient Art Program (x5836)

Art practitioners use visual art to help patients better cope with stress and enjoy the creative process.


call 650-988-7568 or visit

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